Main Theatre

Our Main theatre seats up to 600 attendees on the main level and balcony.  This state-of-the-art theatre has a 6 speaker, two subwoofer sound system and over 60 stage LED computer-controlled, semi-automated light fixtures.  This theatre features two 70″ high-definition LED displays and three High Definition projection screens with a combined area of 200+ feet.



Black Box Theatre


Our Black Box Theatre seats 200 attendees in a stadium-style seating arrangement.  The black-box stage is well-lit by over 30 LED fixed and motorized lighting fixtures.  The audio system features 4 powered audience speakers and two subwoofers.  LED path lighting illuminates the aisle walkway and comfortable seating ensures that all attendees have an enjoyable time viewing the performance.  The lobby area of this theatre has seating for patrons as they await the show, and the box office allows for in-person ticketing.  Our concession stand is also fully stocked with refreshments for attendees to purchase before, during and after all shows.